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2D-PAGE gels database
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A part of the proteome research
   for functional analysis of the rice genome
Comparison of some techniques for the analysis of genome function
Identification of functional proteins using a proteome approach
Concluding remarks

Mini SDS-PAGE , blotting, ponceau staining, destaining, drying
Standard SDS-PAGE, blotting, CBB staining, destaining, arabia gum drying
2D-PAGE (IEF), staining, drying
2D-PAGE (IPG), staining, drying
Cleveland, blotting, CBB staining, destaining, drying
Electroelusion and dialysis
Sample preparation for mass analysis
Stock buffers/solutions list
Chemicals for electrophoresis

Rice Proteomics

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Rice Expression Database (RED)
Rice Full-Length cDNA Database (KOME)
Rice Genome Integrated Map Database (INE)
Rice Mutant Panel Database (Tos17)
Rice Genome Annotation Database (RiceGAAS)
Plant Cis-Element Motif Search Database
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